Primal Guidelines

Eating strictly Paleo or Primal can be confusing when it comes to certain grey topics, but here’s a general breakdown of how I’ll be approach my Primal Challenge:

  1. Eat plenty of vegetables, meats, eggs, healthy fats, and some fruits and nuts AT HOME – the fool-proof plan to control what goes into my food is to cook it myself.
  2. Quality matters: Eating organic, grass-fed, pastured, etc is important because while it’s hard to visually see the effects, the long-term health risks aren’t worth the change I’ll save now
  3. No more chips, cookies, crackers, grains, pasta, beans, bread, popcorn, energy drinks, soda, juices, candy, vegetable oils and fast food – Most of these I’ve already cut out or sharply reduced, but others will be a big challenge
  4. Temporary hold on: legumes and dairy – I love both, but for this challenge they’re out. Legumes are really just a protein filled carb (so very few would call them “paleo”) and dairy spikes insulin almost as much as sugars (this one’s grey-area for many paleos). However, legumes can be soaked, fermented, drained and soaked again to remove most estrogenic-toxins and raw, pasture-fed milk, cheese and yogurt negates most insulin issues. I plan on reintroducing them both when I’ve leaned out, but for they’re out.
  5. Fish Oil (OMEGA-3’s) – I don’t eat enough fish in general, plus these are more efficient. 900 EPA and 600 DHA daily. Flax Oil and other nut-based OMEGA-3’s don’t count since they’re ALA.
  6. Get plenty of SLEEP – at least 7-8 hours daily to maximize GH and fat-burning… plus it keeps away the cravings. Tip: Stop eating around 9-ish and reduce TV watching/iPod usage.
  7. Play Outdoors: trying to stay away from the gym (sterile smell, monthly fees and NO SUN!!) – at least one session of Sprinting each week, heavy lifting 2x and 3-5 hours a week of low-level aerobic activity (3-5 hours a week) like walking, hiking, light cycling, sports, etc.

There’s probably a lot more I’m missing, but I try not to geek out on specifics.. or at least I will going forward because once I understand these basics.. K.I.S.S. is the best policy for success.


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