About Me

My name’s Alex, and for the entire month of September, I’ll be going primal. I’m very interested in the Paleo Diet, which I believe can coincide with my Intermittent Fasting (IF) practices – I eat one meal a day, on most days, in the evening.

I’m 26 years old, 5’11”, and fluctuating between 207 lbs. With this experiment, I’m hoping to jump start some fat burning and get me along the way to 175 lbs. I haven’t weighted that much since before high school, so would be an astounding feat for me.

While not an expert on nutrition (no scientific background), I know a lot about various foods, their origins, their place in the chain and their effects on the body. Now, I just need to put it into more disciplined practice. During the month of September [revised: Sept 7th – Oct 6th to allow for a fun and care-free Labor Day Weekend], I’m challenging myself to live Paleo. This means that I’ll keep my culinary focus on Meats, Eggs, Veggies and Fats – nutrient rich per calorie food items – while avoiding starches, grains, sugars, syrups, legumes, dairy, and processed “foods” and oils – high cal, low nutrient ratios. As well, I’ll be making a conscious effort to get and exercise, focusing on low-intensity activities like cycling, hiking, walking, random sprint-drills and lifting.

The goal is to jump start my efforts to lean down to my ideal body, which I’m guessing would be at least 175 lbs (at or less than 10% body fat). At 207, I have my work cut out for me, but whether on the Warrior Diet or Paleo, both point towards good proteins, plentiful veggies (esp. leafy greens) and fruit as well as healthy fats and nuts as the best route to take for healthy, efficient weight-loss.

This blog/journal will help keep me on track and show me where I’m doing well, and what I can improve upon. It’s not 30 pounds in 3o days (though I wouldn’t complain), but I think this will yield promising enough results to get me there soon.


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