Oct 2 – My Greatest Paleo Achievement!

I’ll be finishing up this 30 Primal Challenge on Wednesday this week, but my greatest overall accomplishment will NOT be finishing it. It was this past Saturday, when Stephanie and along with her colleagues went to the Big E, near Springfield! The ESE (Eastern States Expo) takes place from late Summer until early Autumn, and is basically a Big Fair with fried food, crafts, agro-goods (candy apples, cheese tastings, maple samples, ice cream, etc), rides, games and the most ridiculous people from outside the greater Boston area. Enormous people of questionable fashion sense who’ve come to feed at the deep-fried trough that is their Mecca. It’s easy to see how America’s gotten so big over the last 100 years. Too much of this!

Well, I’m proud to say that I made it through 100% completely Primal. I manuevered my way thorugh the mazes of fried cheese curds, caramel apples (why destroy them so), fried dough balls, deep fried OREO’s, Donut Burgers and MUCH much more. I ate 4-5 small apples from this delicious little farm stand in their Farm-O-Rama, some jerky samples, Thai Garlic Chicken on a Stick, and a HUGE Hickory Smoked Turkey Leg!


It was the first time in my entire life I went to a fair and didn’t get something with cheese, sugar or grains. And several times I almost gave in to their ice cream stands, craft brew stations from across New England, the donut burger with bacon and cheese.. Even BBQ Ribs seemed like a possibility with its no-bun, but still sugary sauce; I was actually in line to buy the half-rack, half chicken combo, but decided against it last minute. I’m really proud of this moment, and now feel that much stronger against future temptations. I’m not saying I’ll never eat those things again, but they will be rare occurences, and never when I’ve made commitment not to. Great day!

I’d like to thank not just the Big E for the opportunity, but also to the larger than life characters there who helped inspire me to perservere, lest I become a member of their herd again  🙂    

NOTE: I am not at all trying to offend those who do eat this food occasionally, because when done responsibly, there’s little ill-effect from these foods. My abstenance was purely for my personal goals; I love fried food as much as the next person. Eating this food is part of the whole FAIR experience. If everyone ONLY ate this food when the fair came to town, we wouldn’t be where we are right now.


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