Sept 30 – Food vs. Fuel

Food can be so wonderful! It’s really the cornerstone of most every culture since the beginning of time! Everyone loves food for its taste and, therefore, ability to bring people together; its aroma, savory flavors, subtle spices. However, this is not always a given. Sometimes, food is just fuel. After all, its true purpose is to give us energy via essential vitamins, amino acids, minerals, fats, proteins.. the building blocks of life! We often look passed this necessary function that nutrition plays in just keeping us alive…

Well, this is where last night’s supper comes in. What better way to reflect on how important food is for fueling our bodies than to cook food, utter devoid of flavor. Not literally, but really the I ruined last nights opportunity to create a yummy, well-planned feast by poor planning and haste. Two center-cut pork chops, a bunch of fresh carrots and red cabbage should make a dynamo-meal 9x out of 10. We had #10 last night. The Pork was over cooked and under marinated (granted, I had no time to do so) with undercooked bits of garlic (ew). The Red Cabbage lacked spices and enough Apple Cider Vinegar, and was not cooked long enough (to relieve it of certain features cabbage is famous for). And the carrots were left in the oven long enough to char the tips, but still remain edible; again though.. little flavor. Worst of all, they were all finished at different times!

Last night’s food was purely functional fuel. I’m grateful that I can put food in my stomach each day, but there’s no excuse to make such bad food when the means to prepare such a wonderful meal for Steph and me was possible with better planning. Let the meat sit in something moist and flavorful for at least 20 minutes next time. Don’t crowd the carrots in the baking dish next time .. and cover it for the first half with foil to steam them. Measure the spices and vinegar for the kraut .. or at least taste it occasionally throughout the process to test it.

Oh well, body’s been nourished and I’m ready to learn from my mistakes. Tonight is, after all, another night!


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