Sept 29 – Overtime.. Key to Success!

I hope that this is not the case, but one reason going primal these last 22 days may have been fairly simple is because:
     –  I don’t eat much during the day…  
     –  I didn’t pull a total 180 from my previous diet… 
     –  I work so many night shifts that binging on what’s in my house or around is easy

While there’s technically some “food” in the break room, I’m not at all interested in those Pop-Tarts, Chips, Candy Bars or Swedish Fish anymore. Haha.. not sure why I ever was. Now, it’s a little after 7pm, and the phones are dead. So, I thought I’d update today’s food:
     –  Boloco Steak Salad with Guac and Salsa (double meat)
     –  Couple Shots of Espresso (not all at once)
     –  Small Banana
     –  Ounce of baking chocolate
     –  Tbsp of Almond Butter

Done! Yeah.. kinda hungry still, but not starving. I should start boiling eggs to bring with to work. Also, Trader Joes has an amazing Pork Loin, which I could bake the night before and pack up in slices – Mmm.. good idea!


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