Sept 25 – More Fruit and Veggies

Saturday was a nice day! It started with me taking Bodhi (the pup we’ve taken in for the week) for a walk/jog to the doggie park. It was great until the real dogs showed up.. yep, Bodhi’s that fake dog at less than 10lbs 😉  Then I was on guard duty to protect him from wild and crazy mongrels.  I went for a long bike ride afterwards through the Arnold Arboretum, Olmsted Park and the Jamaica Pond. Good ride, nice day. Steph and I took Bodhi out for another walk later on through Brookline which is always a great idea. On the way, I stopped in at Whole Foods and bought a green apple and two small, red bananas. Those little guys are great. Not quite as sweet but much creamier than their long, yellow bretheren.

At home, I had the usually eggs, bacon, etc, but also decided to add in more fruit and veggies than I have been recently. I ate a kiwi, the bananas, the apple and 3/4 of a canteloupe. Yum. I love canteloupe! And that night, we both went on another bike ride to … The Stockyard Steakhouse! There I ordered a side salad and a 24oz Prime Rib steak! It was amazing and fatty and thick. SO thick! And.. I ate the whole thing. I haven’t had a BIG steak like that in years. They have me sweet potato, but in battered-fries form, so I stuck to the green beans.

Great day and a tasty evening!


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