Feeling Sore Today

Just felt like adding a post now, so I’ll talk about how sore I am right now. Over this past weekend, I have done a lot of cycling (over 25 miles), random sprinting, walking,  jumping and lifting, so today it’s all catching up to me. I’m looking forward to getting some additional sleep soon and resting my body. I think the planet sensed my fatigue and has graciously decided to drape the city of Boston with thick rain clouds for the next few days (possibly a week). I’ll be taking between home and work, and will keep walking to almost a minimum.

I love and hate the feeling of sore, aching muscles! Hey, I now know that I did something DE-/CON-structive to my body (really, destructive to encourage construction of my muscles, ligaments and tendons). But to stretch throughout the day without gratification is a thankless chore. Plus, I’ve been known to overstretch and pull muscles in my futile attempts to assuage my body  🙂

Overall though, it’s quite nice to know that I was active this past weekend, and that I’ll be soon reaping the rewards of a more responsive, stronger and leaner body. No pain, no gain, as the saying goes. But without rest, the pain was all for nothing.


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