Sept 27 – Cutting Back on FitDay

I’m not completely giving up on FitDay as it’s very useful for finding quick nutritional information, but my personality type is far too prone too over geek-out on the finer details, which consume me and control my actions far too much. So while I’ll occasionally OVER-carb or UNDER-protein on some days, I believe that I’ll function better on my more natural, no-measure system. Plus, by adding in more carbs like fruits, I’ve felt much more regular recently. However, I do now appreciate what each individual food items contains and how it can affect my performance in the day. So, for the rest of this challenge, I’m no longer going to log my food intake, but rather just look up the occasional item for curiosity’s sake.

Today’s not going to be too high, calorie-wise. Working an extra phone shift, so I had my go-to Steak Salad from Boloco with guac (I’m up to a free burrito already), and threw down some baker’s chocolate chips with almond butter for additional fat. When I get home, I’ll try to throw down some extra protein and some cauliflower, but not much else tonight. Yes, this may have to do with my week 3 weigh-in tomorrow, but leave me alone. I’m crazy like that.


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