Sept 26 – As Primal as Possible…

On Sunday, I went to my pop’s house in Medway for Brianna’s birthday party, and had a lot of fun. But eating primal at home is like being a tap-dancing enthusiast along the 38th Parallel.. gotta watch your step. Gingerly tip-toeing your way between bowls of Doritos, Cheezy Puffs, cheap hotdogs, cake, ice cream, pasta/potato salad and more. I stuck with bun-less burgers and sausages.

I did pretty well, all in all, until I found out that the brats were “laced” with corn syrup and dextrose! Haha.. technically, I’ve ruined my perfect-streak, but it was unintentional and the percentage added to the sausage had to have small. But after having a small coffee later on the afternoon, I reached for and drank a short mug of milk, completely out of habit. Haha.. oh well. At least I didn’t succumb to weakness, just a mental slip. Life happens.

HOWEVER, I more than made up for that extra insulin boost by working it off. I biked to back bay station that morning (4 miles), biked from Norfolf Station to my house (7.5 miles), and biked back home from Back Bay (got a ride to Norfolk that dark evening). Plus, I was the main entertainment for 6-7 screaming kids who wanted to play with me every moment. Tag juking, tumbling and rolling, jumping, climbing trees, weighted push-ups and flipping kids over my back. Oh, and they beat me up with sticks and stuffed me with leaves like a Scare Crow  🙂  Kids know how to exercise for life’s challenges!

And when I came home, I was greeted with homemade beef burgers with avocado-salsa and 3-4 fish oil pills! I’m dying today from an aching body that swears that the small glass of milk and the added corn syrup was never even a “blip” on my pancreas’ radar! Great weekend…


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