Sept 24 – Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner at Work

Woke up late this morning, so breakfast was bacon & eggs from flamers.
Felt hungry around lunch time, so I ate a chicken breast quarter from Whole Foods.
Working another phone shift tonight, so I bought a small salad with eggs and tuna.

It can be a bit tricky being paleo, while not preparing my own food, but mainly, it’s just bland. Another salad.. another can of fish.. lots of tasteless, boiled eggs.. spoon of almond butter.. etc.. the monotany!

This is why I love cooking at home. While I can survive without my kitchen, and can remain paleo, it’s just not fun. Our innovative brains, our individual desires, our need to create and experiment, our curiosity; these are the things which separate us from other animals. Why eat tasteless eggs, when I could make a curried bone marrow omelet with parsley and sesame oil? Why eat unsalted chicken breast (so DRY), when I can slow cook chicken legs in tomato broth and garlic, then drizzle olive oil over the top!

Oh well, I do most of the ime, but since I’ve been taking more shifts than usual lately, I’ve seemed to notice how boring paleo can be. In another life, I would be shoveling down from Indian food or sushi with wasabi, or even just a big meatball sub. Ignorance can be bliss, but I have the burden of knowledge  🙂  Not that much, but I’m always learning more.


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