Sept 23 – Late Shift

When working an extra shift for some cash, I tend to eat far fewer calories that day, because by the time I get home it’s too late to cram in much if any food. And it’s far too expensive to eat out while on my break (at least to obtain the quantities I’m used to in the evening). So, on my 3 o’clock break today, I grabbed my new go-to Paleo “Burrito” (Steak Salad) at Boloco and stopped by Trader Joe’s to pick up some raw almond butter. So with all that and a grapefruit (which Steph loving peeled for me the night before) this morning, and I totalled only a bit over 1000 calories. This works for me though, because A. I’m not particularly active today, and B. it’s good for the body to need to react to constantly varying levels of nourishment.. keeps it from getting into a lazy rhythm!

I also ended up grabbing some CHOCOLATE! Excited by my new found appreciated for unsweetened chocolate, I grabbed the “new arrival” at TJs, which is a small bag of Baking Chocolate Chips (about 6 chips = 1oz). I already have a big block at home, so these are kind of my paleo snack at work (small servings) to get extra antioxidants, magnesium, copper, as well as fats into me. Also, I great pick-me-up with the added endorphins they provide. Really, while 70-80% is better tasting, I’m starting to get used to these.

The concept of my taste buds adapting to whole foods is truly applicable to most ALL foods and activities. Whether it’s making salsa from scratch, riding a bike instead of the T to work, chucking the microwave in the dumpster or washing the clothes by hand in the kitchen sink (I have a nice, deep one), it’s much easier than one might think to acclimate to a new, simpler lifestyle. And making one change towards a healthier lifestyle will often spawn the desire to seek out more and more ways to escape the shackles of “convenience”.

It’s nice having many of our modern inventions around, as they make survival almost guaranteed, however, we humans lose a lot of independence when we chronically look to devices, tools, mechanisms, gadgets, techinology to help us out. Who knows? One day we may need to survive without, and I have a feeling that if our wide-spread infrastructure were to suddenly collapse, most western countries  (and many others too) would be as good as dead without their smart phone and AC unit to help them  😉


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