Sept 21 – Fats and Lean Meat

After picking Steph up from the airport, I got home with little time to make dinner. So we stopped by Whole Foods to pick up some STEAK. Well, the steak was for me, while Steph grabbed a chicken pot pie. I literally cannot remember the last time I had a pot pie! Got home and let the buffalo top sirloin steak get some air. I simply added some S&P, then started preheating the cast-iron with some of my brand new, homemade beef tallow. Top sirloin is a cheap, lean piece of meat AND it was from grass-fed buffalo (from NY), so it can dry out pretty easily. That’s where the tallow comes in; extra fat for the extra lean.

The trick is to add plenty of S&P after having taken a paper towel to the steak to dry the surface out a bit. With a dry surface to cook with, the steak will brown nicely instead of resulting in that less attractive, gray-steamed meat. The whole thing took only a few minutes, and tasted great. Seasoning and rubs are GREAT, but a well-cooked piece of meat only needs salt, pepper and a little grease.

On the side, I boiled the remaining squash and mashed it with some extra tallow, cinnamon and salt. And a few brussel sprouts on the side. Good meal overall, though now I’m stuck typing all this down instead of sleeping (too much steak the belly to go to bed right away). This all with 3 fried eggs (with tallow), an apple and 2 tbsp of Almond Butter, and I’m still under calories, fat and protein (though right at 50g for carbs). Feel full though.


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