Sept 19 – High(-er) Carbs

What better way to drown the sorrow of watching my Pats lose to the dreaded Jets today than to carb-up! Well, that use to mean subs, pizzas, beers and more on Game Day… maybe even some ice cream, but now it’s a yam, an apple and a handful of strawberries  🙂

“Wow, watch out for this crazy guy!! Next thing ya know, he’ll be taking down WHOLE spoonfuls of almond butter!”

Don’t worry, I’d never be that reckless, so close to the halfway point weigh-in on Tuesday. Plus, the extra carbs are still under the upper limit of steady weight-loss. Sad to half to keep within these restrictive boundaries when I love fruit and dairy so much, but it’s part of the penance for a misspent youth… (okay, the last 26 years). But when the 7th of October arrives, I’m going to have myself a cup of full fat Fage with frozen banana slices! Maybe go nuts, and have a Coconut Chocolate Pop!

The rest of the evening went okay. Had two chicken quarters which I slowed cooked in a tomato/beef broth while at work. It was okay, nothing to write home about. Salmon Salad was again quite good, as well as the Avo-Egg-Bacon-Tomato Salad. Hmmm, maybe I could call it B.E.A.T. or B.A.T.E. or the…. Avegg Baconato! I’m getting closer, but I’m not quite there yet. More to come…


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