Sept 18 – Almost Autumn

I can feel it in the wind, sweeping down from the North Atlantic. Scattered showers with rare sleet flurries in company. The sun makes a valiant effort to make it’s presence known, however, there’s no longer any doubt (even in New England) that fall is swiftly approaching. Oh! and I can taste it in last night’s soup. Homemade Beef Broth with Shrimp, Kale and… Butternut Squash! Bought a tiny squash the other night with the intent to mash it all up and add butter. I still may with the remainder (and future pieces), but it seemed like a good idea to thicken up my (already thick, gelatinous, rich) broth with small chucks of bright orange gourd! Looked and tasted great.

It was a last minute addition to last night heart warming soup, so there are certainly things to tweak to take into account the unique flavors, textures and personality of the gourd family. It’s not as smooth as my pop’s famous Thanksgiving mashed squash feels, nor as soft without long boiling time. So I’ll try cutting them up into even smaller pieces next time (1/2″ cubes). As well, their personality and nutty flavors beckon that the fall/winter spices be invited to the party: Jamaican all-spice, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cumin, Shaved Ginger…

I’m not sure how things elements will play with beef broth, but I’m going to keep with beef (need to use it up) and maybe just water it down a bit to allow the other vegetables and spices to come out more. Looking forward to my favorite season of the year!


Notes on the rest of the day:

Started the day with my last two Applegate grass-fed hotdogs (before they go bad) in some coconut oil. Skipped lunch at work (they order sandwiches and pizza – generic go-to’s), then came home to make the above soup, finished off the leftover curried, coconut cauliflower stew, added five fried eggs (richly in butter) and four strips of bacon. Oh – and two more strips of smoked bacon I bought from the Russian grocer down the street.

Honestly, all that said, I had a LEAN day. Lower than average on fat, protein, carbs and overall calories (122g/82g/41g/1578). I wanted to get more down, but thought that it wasn’t necessary as I no longer felt hungry. Also, by the time I realized the “shortage” it was already past 8pm. Oh well, no loss.


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