Sept 18 – Tallow Time

It’s not official yet, but since last night when I ran out of my homemade lard, I’ve been tinkering with the idea of making tallow from beef suet. It’s really nothing special in the grand scheme of things. Just another beautiful, flavorful (I hope) fat to replace our modern (toxic) wonders like vegetable shortening or corn oil. But I’ve never tried, so why not.. I bought suet once from WholeFoods, which worked well as fatty globs in my stews, so now I’ll try rendoring the easier to use liquid fat from the globs and keep the crispy, delicious cracklins for later snacking! In fact, cracklins, while not as practiful/plentiful, are the true bounty of the rendering-efforts. Love them!

Well, The Butcher Shop nearby work here in the South End only had finished lard right now, but no beef suet, nor pork fatback. So I told her to special order some grass-fed suet for me soon. It’ll be ready for pick-up on Monday! Not too bad, except that it pastured, not 100% grass-fed. Still nice to know they don’t suffer too much, but the positive effects of pasture living can be almost entirely obliterated during the last phase of STUFFING the cattle with more grain than they’d ever want to eat in one sitting, increasing the stress-levels/toxins in the body; this affects the quality of the fat and meat equally. So, still better than factory farmed “meat”, but not great.

Still, really excited to get that tallow rendered on Monday night, so I don’t have to do it while Steph’s around… astonishingly, my girlfriend’s not a fan smelly fat rendoring while trying to relax at the end of the day  🙂  I am! That there is a great, slow activity to calm me down (and rev me up) after a long day at work.


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