Sept 17 – Wants and Cravings

No matter what the results of this Primal September experiment, whether I fall off the band wagon straight away or continue on forever (not likely, given my track-record of dietary evolution), I’ve found that while I sometimes may want to eat some Chinese junk food, have a PB&J sandwich (or PB and Banana!!!), as well as a great number of non-paleo fare which I often ate before, I don’t need or crave them.

That’s a tremendous step! To go a few days without carbs, grains, etc, was truly a task months ago, however, now I find that while I could eat these things, I don’t actively seek them out. Nor do I pity myself in front of my meal veggie/meat plate, while others around me are eating Qdoba burritos or plates of pasta with cheese.

Tonight, I started with a heavy salad of romaine, cuke and canned salmon. Then I finally got around to preparing the head of fresh cauliflower in the fridge. I stewed the florets in coconut milk and spices (cinnamon, cardamom, cumin, turmeric and curry) and served with a couple of lazily fried eggs. Then I added 2 Applegate Hotdogs. Simple and satisfying.. and very low-carb (47g – daily total).

And, I must say that I’m really enjoying the Big Salmon Salad! The canned Alaskan Red Salmon (w/ bones and skin) is far less polluted than Atlantic Salmon, rich in Omega-3’s, high in protein and it’s cheap! That with crunchy romaine lettuce and fresh cucumber.. a little EVOO and Balsalmic Vinegar. Good stuff.


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