Sept 16 – Too much fat?

Yesterday was another great day being paleo, but I started to (over-)think about the amount of fat I’m getting per day. Nothing’s great in excess, and amazingly healthy fats are no exception. I really don’t think that the way I’m eating would make me gain weight, but it’s not great for leaning down; both the grams and percentage of total calories was pretty high, I thought.

I started off with another Boloco Steak Salad with guac, etc on my break around 3pm. Then for dinner, I dove straight into a big salad of Romaine, Tomato, Cuke and a half can of Salmon with Lemon and EVOO. Mucho Protein. Then when my braised lamb blade was finished, my mom and I split that (qtr lb piece each) with some kale and broccoli and some fried eggs. Tremendous flavor, because I poured the marrow juices from the piece of lamb femor over the veggies. Finally, I topped that all off with a handful of frozen strawberries.

Amazing meal aside, after plugging this all into FitDay, I found that I had a LOT of fat (65% – 147g); protein (27% – 147g)  and carbs (8% – 52g)were nice. I’m going to wait until this Tuesday when I next weigh-in, but I may start making subtle efforts to not throw in as much olive oil or butter. We’ll see. Maybe I’m really okay, since it’s after a small fast, but it seemed a bit high to me.

It’s been recommended by many paleo experts that for those trying to lean down, eat lots of protein and veggies (still under 80g of carbs) and enough fat to satiate. There’s a lot of tweeking to guess/check here.

**Take away though, I over analyze. As long I don’t feel to stuffed, which hasn’t happened yet, though it did often leading up to Primal September, and I keep my carbs low, I should be on my way to a leaner me. Just need to remember not to eat more fat or protein just to try to satisfy some number in my head. Eating should be almost entirely instictual.


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