Sept 15 – Mom’s Home Cooking

Tonight, my mom prepped one of my favorite childhood dishes: Baked Haddock wrapped in foil with Summer Veggies. It was zesty, buttery and chock-full of Zucchini, Summer Squash, Tomato, Onion and Dill. A meal by itself …

… for some people.

But I was hungry. She she was prepping the fish, I threw a yam into the oven in foil. Then I made up a simple BIG salad of romaine, tomato and cuke with EVOO and Balsalmic. Simple, but tasty. Next, sauteed a poblano pepper with slice onions, a LOT of butter and spinach. This I served (to me – no other liver fans here) with some grass-fed beef liver. Again, simple, but so incredible. And to top off the night (yes, still hungry), I had a small plate of bacon with an egg.

By the way, I found out about FitDay today from Mark’s Daily Apple. Won’t use it everyday, but it’s nice to occasionally track how much of what I’m eating, especially when keeping carbs low to stay in ketosis. Using today as an example:

Daily Percentage:

  • Calories  –  2144
  • Fat            –  65% (156g)
  • Protein   –  21% (108g)
  • Carbs       –  14% (82g)

I thought I could put down more, but it’s all mainly in one meal, so it’s probably best that it’s less. Today, the carbs were a bit higher than needed for ketosis to kick in, due to the 1/2 yam (19g) and the banana (31g). Firstly, I added these in because I like to cycle low and medium-low carb days; keeps my insulin guessing. Lastly, I topped off the potato with mucho butter, and fats are great at dulling the effects of the others glycemic load. Example, pasta or pasta with olive oil (choose 2nd option).

Good day, overall. Hoping to keep up the fat-melting up throughout this next week. Goal’s are dumb as the human body’s too complex and there are too many factors to make good predictions, but I’m aiming for 192lbs by next Tueday (Sept 21)!


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