Sept 14 – Going Paleoco

Feeling a bit hungry today, so I’m going foraging on my break in search of Paleo Fare. Tough to do, even with all the Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s in the area. And when I do buy lunch from these places, it’s usually over salted dry meat or salads with eggs. Not that these are really bad, but it gets old.

This morning, however, I was lucky enough to catch a new blog post from John Durant of Hunter-Gatherer in NYC. It was a post on Eating Wild at Chipotle – Great little bit for me, as I used to go to QDoba and Boloco pretty often around here, but haven’t much at all recently. I’m going to try their Burrito bowl sanz Rice & Beans.

Boloco’s great because they’ve improved their options to organics veggies and grass-fed beef, as well as naturally sourced chicken and pork. Excited for 3pm!


Two thumbs up to Boloco for it’s Paleo friendly meal today. After I emailed them about this topic (as a suggestion), I even received credit on my card for a free lunch. While there’s isn’t much wiggle room on the combonations there, they have grass-fed beef, naturally raised chicken and pork and freshly prepared vegetables and guac.

I got the large burrito GOLOCO bowl with Beef, Romaine Lettuce, Pico de Gallo, Guacamole, Fajita Veggies and Cucumber. And while it did cost almost $10, the beef was AMAZINGLY cooked and seasoned. It’s officially a viable option for paleos and low-carbers alike.

I’ll be back!


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