Sept 13 – Egg Fail

Last night, soon after Steph and I got home from work, we proceeded to grab up our reserved Zipcar (back story)* and head off the Pete and Jen’s Backyard Birds in Concord. This small shop started out in 2002 when a couple decided to start raising their own vegetables and chickens. They soon after realized that they could produce enough chicken (roasters) and eggs that they rabbits, pigs and sheep into the mix. At their small mini-shop, they sell eggs, chickens, eggs, rabbits (meat and pets), lamb, pork, lard, soap, and grass-fed beef from a neighboring farm. All good things!

Well, I emailed them on Sunday to ask about hours of the store, and got the response back that they have a simple 24/7 honor system policy. I’m assuming this translates (for us city-folk) to we work and live here, so it’s open everyday, anytime, but be reasonable. Works for me.

However, last night I was NOT able to even find them. It was dark and rainy (not too late though.. around 7-ish), and I followed the slow traffic from Brighton to Concord. By the time I got to where they should’ve been, I found one large farm store from another farm and a few residential houses, none of which matched their numbered address. We evntually gave up (after having tried to call them – probably interrupting their supper) and drove home.

*On the plus side, my reserved Zipcar (Honda Insight) wasn’t back yet from the previous user, so Zipcar upgraded me to the Volvo S40, which was a really nice drive. Since I don’t do it often, almost any drive is a good drive!

Anyways, we parked the car, grabbed a Roasted Chicken (we were both starving by then), some chopped liver and other sides at Whole Foods. I avoided the delicious potato salad and threw in some olives/pickles. Ended the evening with my fish oil and a couple handfuls of frozen strawberries.

Kind of a downer, but we’ll try again some weekend.


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