Sept 12 – Paleo Patriots Game

Opening day for the New England Patriots tends to include sugar-laden wings, chips, beers, etc, so trying to find something to work in there was tricky. I ultimately decided to simply just stick with a good meal earlier than usual. My mom and I went shopping for some sausages (beef chili and chicken artichoke), then made up some red kraut (cabbage, vinegar, apple, lard and spices) and roasted peppers/onions.

As well, we stopped by the Russian grocer in the neighborhood for some pickles and smoked sausages. Very good. Reminded me of better times in Germany  🙂  It worked out quite well, but I honestly was wishing I could have that last Sam Adams Boston Lager sitting in my fridge. But will-power prevailed!

And to top off the meal.. Pats won 38-24! Go Pats!!

Nothing special for dinner later on.. just a few small things like some more meat sauce, some brocolli, spinach, an egg and bacon. And LOTS of tea throughout the day. Ceylon Black & Mint is a greattt combo!

Overall, physically, it was also quite relaxing; only a few short walks and a couple of Backgammon games with my mom (she won)… Also, I carried her luggage for a bit. Good day, and no cheats so far since I started.


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