Sept 11 – Chocolate Treats

After my Saturday shift (2 hard-boiled eggs and some tomato-meat sauce), I went home to clean up a bit for my mom who’s stopping by for the week. Should be fun, if not interesting. But anyways, kind of a blah day.. nothing special, except that Bodhi came over to visit. Such a cool, little pup. I made some eggs, bacon, two sausages, sauerkraut and lemon-butter bok choy. Very good, but mainly random. Just mix n’ match items in the house.

Later on, Bodhi (maltese/yorkshire mix) helped me to accomplish good activity levels for part of the week. We went for an evening walk/sprint/jog/walk… I wore him out, but to his credit, he’s recovering from a hurt leg. We had fun though and I did it all in my VFF’s. Getting better at short sprints in those without my calves locking up on me.

When I got home, I decided to make some chocolate fudge pops. I melted 100% chocolate in a small pan with some cinnamon, cayenne pepper and honey to make some Aztec/Maya chocolate.. then added a can of organic coconut milk which makes the mix EXTREMELY thick and creamy with a great background flavor. It smelled and looked beautiful as I let it thicken up, then cool. At that point, I poured it into the fudge pop mold in the freezer.

Yes, yes. I know that honey is not part of strict paleo, but I never really intended on eating this. If anything I thought Steph would like to try this. I’m staying strict paleo until October 7th!


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