Sept 7 – New First Day

The start to this Paleo Challenge was easier the 2nd time around. Steph and I were exhausted when we got home yesterday, so we crashed around 9:30ish, so I got up well-rested this morning and biked to work. No hunger pangs, no carb/insulin-related cravings from my “wild” weekend. Just got to work, felt pretty energetic the whole day (fasting, of course), biked home without that drained feeling, then made dinner:

  • Broccoli and peppers in butter
  • Ground (100% Grass-fed) Lamb in Tomato Sauce with Veggies
  • Shrimp and Andouille Sausage Stew with Spinach
  • One Japanese Yam (small)
  • Fish Oil

Not too shabby. Really, while yams are allowed in paleo, but mainly should reserved for either more athletic people or for every 4-5 days following a workout. But whateves… Not terrible. In fact, it’s good for me. And amazingly, tonight while I’m writing this entry, I’m not craving sugars or milk or those coconut milk/chocolate pops I froze last week. I’m satiated. Also, I’m putting less emphasis on fats this month. While healthy fats are encouraged, for those looking to lose fat and lean out, I should stick to meats, eggs, veggies and minimal fats (lard, butter, coconut oil and fish oil), but without going into excess – basically, eating fats just to include more of them. Now, I’ll try to keep it to what I need for cooking.

Probably eggs and liver tomorrow. That’s all for now.


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