Sept 2 – Trip to Jake’s

Day Two (or 3), Sept 2nd, went pretty well. We’re prepping for a camping trip over Labor Day Weekend in the White Mountains, so I’ve been looking for jerky (not enough time or experience to make my own), but the stuff is all processed and or sugareddd. Even TJ’s Organic Beef or Buffalo Jerky.. oh well. To try it out I bought a pack of Bresaola from TJ’s, which has Nitrates/-trites, but beyond that was salt, spices and lean, air-dried beef. Kind of TOO salty, but if I ate it with the recommended lemon and olive oil, probably would’ve been great.

Also, I bought two packs of dried (not freeze-dried), unsweetened blueberries, which will be a great granola replacement while hiking. Tried a few.. kind of like less intense raisins. Not bad.

After work was my 2nd cheat (a beer with my pop’s at Jacob Wirth’s – German restaurant in Boston), but again the food was Paleo; had  one sausage and a heap of sauerkraut. Done. I even resisted the cornbread, which I love immensely. And when offered kiddingly a bite, I simply reached towards the bread, then OVER the bread and knife a chunk of unsalted butter into my mouth  😀 Yum.

Great evening with my pop’s.. even if I was a bit to preachy. Hey! Just trying to save my father’s life here  🙂  I’ll get him on board soon after this month…

When I got home, I had things to do.. NFL Fantasy Draft at 8:30 (my picks sucked – first timer here), and Steph and I had to pack our stuff for the trip. Pretty easy, but a small window. As well, I needed more food – sauerkraut and a sausage do not a meal make when one eats only once or twice a day. So, I made two more chicken sausages in the oven. I swear that I eat more than sausages, but recently they’ve legitimately just been abundant! Then on the side, I made up the Yu-Choy my pops gave me last night. Chopped it up, then set aside. Sauteed onions in my wok/chef’s pan with coconut oil and added curry, cumin and turmeric. As well,  a few beef broth cubes from the freezer. Next 1/2 can of coconut milk and the choy in the pan. At the very end, when the choy was soft, I added two eggs and whisked into a light, fluffy side. Added salt and sesame oil, as well. Quite good actually. And as usual.. 3 fish oil capsules (900 EPA, 600 DHA).

Lastly, I boiled 5-6 eggs for the camping trip, since I heard they keep well for a couple of days unrefrigerated. Spiced up some ground lamb with mint and paprika, and put some fish oil in a small container. Even wrapped up two sweet potatoes in foil. Good night.


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