Sept 1 – Sea-Paleo

Firstly, I’m not yet that great (my way of saying, “I’m BAD!) at keeping these posts consistent. I work in front of a computer daily and have never been much of an online-aholic. But I’m trying.

The night before last (Sept 1st), I ate Paleo, yet drank NOT Paleo (un-paleo, I guess). I told myself though that during this month, while not planned to happen more than 3-4 times, I will need to go out for that social BEER. I love beer.

After work on Sept 1st (only a green apple during the day), I went off with my colleague Klaus from our Galway office on a POD-outing to The Barking Crab on the Boston Waterfront. I give myself an A- for the day though. Really.. beyond the two beers (my two favorites: Sam Adam Boston Lager & Harpoon IPA), I resisted the bread fish, the chips, the seafood sandwiches.. I got a pound of simmered mussels in wine, lemon, butter, leeks, celery and tomato. I even said no to butter-fried bread slices.

Then I rode home, a little shaky along the way… Something that sponge bread could have helped me out with 🙂  No matter my personal goals though, I can’t sacrifice socializing with the tribesmen.


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