Sept 3-6 – Labor Day Weekend Post

Well, I’m unplugging from work stress and ONLINE-stress in a few hours time. My girlfriend and I, along with 5 other friends, are going camping at Crawford Notch in the White Mountains until Monday. I love unplugging.. nothing like a trip outdoors to remind you of how unimportant the internet and technology in general can be!

This weekend, only a few days into this challenge, could be my biggest hurdle. With friends drinking beer, eating smores, white-bread (poison) sandwiches and marinated beef. I’ll check the beef, but the rest I’m absolutely planning on avoiding. Easier said than done (over-statement).

I’m bringing hard-boiled OMEGA-3 eggs, bacon, more eggs, seasoned ground lamb, dried blueberries, tea, sweet potatoes and fish oil. Hope they’re tasty and FILLING enough to lead me from temptation. And let’s not underestimate.. JUDGEMENT.

People these days are wary and heavily judgemental of dieters with SPECIAL NEEDS. Ugh.. me too sometimes and I’m open-minded, so this will be fun explaining, while really, really trying not to be preachy. Here’s hoping. You gotta want it!! haha..

Well, that’s that that for now. I’ll be back on Tuesday (or Monday night) with an update on how the trip outdoors went.


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